Am excited about tomorrow’s meeting with a contractor named Jim.  He will figure out if I qualify to have a ramp to my house built by the www.ramps.org group.  He will be going over the last 3 years tax paperwork, my social security disability benefit statement, and three months of my husbands pay stubs.  If everything checks out, we may be getting a wooden ramp to our back door installed free of charge!

Will be nice to be able to get in and out of the house safely.  The way we had been doing it really scared me.  There were no safety rails and I have a tendency to fall from the weirdest places at the worst possible moment.  Have been wanting to meet our neighbors since we moved in!  The kids in this area all seem friendly and well behaved.

Have been in a wheelchair since we moved into this state back in 2008.  Spent years in Hades at an apartment complex that was supposed to be handicap accessible.  It was a testament to how little people in the town we used to live knew about handicap people.  No ramps in or out of the building.  Door ways too small to fit the smallest adult wheelchair through.  Public transportation was driven by drivers that should have their licences taken away for not clearing obstacles in the road.  How hard is it to drive around existing poles and trees?  Only risked it twice.  Gave up on it as a lost cause.

We purchased a house back on Aug. 15 of 2014.  Moved in by the 20th.  Knew then there was no ramp in existence.  The only place we saw up for sale at the time was a mobile home, but our bank doesn’t offer loans to by modular homes.  So that is why I looked for the house that would be the easiest to modify by adding a ramp.  Found a three bedroom, 2 bathroom house with air conditioning already in it!  Tend to go into seizures if I get overheated, so that was an added benefit!

Tomorrow, I find out if and when I’ll get my freedom!  Looking forward to being able to plant a garden. My husband took care of the wasp nest I had seen between the two windows in our front room.  Anaphylaxis from a wasp sting is NO FUN!  I stop breathing. without an Epinephrine shot, I die.  Fortunately, the first time I was stung, my grandfather who has the same problem. was able to give me the shot.  So armed with my epi pens, I will be able to go out side to start a garden.  Tomatoes are the first thing I will plant.  Since both of us love them.  Next year if those worked, will add cucumbers, radishes, peppers, and various herbs.

Can’t wait to get started!


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