Had Bohemian rhapsody stuck in my head for a while!

The characters from Jim Henson’s Muppet show were recorded doing a rendition of Queen’s Bohemian rhapsody.   The character Gonzo starts it out.  The rest of the characters join in as needed.  Had to get something stuck in my head to take my mind of concentrating on the MRI I had on Friday.  It has been in my head for about two weeks now.

Ended up having trouble coming out of the anesthesia fog took 2 nights good sleep to be able to think clearly.  Apparently, my father has this problem.  Have always been able to snap back basically instantly after being put to sleep.  Used to wake up in the middle of procedures being performed on my body.  Not this time!

I always have music floating around in my mind.  Some times simple snippets like “I’m a little tea pot” or “Jimmy crack corn”.  It keeps me company when I am alone.  Kinda understand where the song’s lyricist who wrote the Bohemian rhapsody was coming from.


Leave either your saintly wisdom or even better demonic musings!

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