Trouble waking up from anesthesia

Had to get a MRI this past Friday.  Having claustrophobia, had to be completely sedated.  For the first time in my life, am still having the brain fogged effect two days after!  Normally, wake up immediately from sedation.

Had a colonoscopy. Woke up in the middle of it, they were able to put me back to sleep once I told them I was awake.

Have woke up in the middle of surgical operations being preformed on my body.  Waking up when they were installing my port to my jugular vein was no fun.   Even worse was when I woke up as the surgeon was cutting in to my flesh to create a sub pubic catheter.  Let the surgeon know I was awake, but he was unable to administer any more medicine to put me back to sleep!  Feeling you guts being sliced open is not something I would recommend.

The surgeon screwed up and installed the catheter on one of my nerves.  Took over three years to convince him I was not just trying to get drugs, there was an actual problem.  Had him reseat my catheter and insert a new one in a different location.  He made sure I was sedated enough the second time around.

Due to having multiple sclerosis, I have to have MRI’s performed about once a year to track the progression of my disease. So hopefully, I am finished having MRI’s for another year.

My father has always had problems waking up from surgery.  Hope I am not following in his footsteps.  He has really bad health.  I do not want to inherit rheumatoid arthritis.  Both he and my grandma from my mom’s side of the family had it.  He wants to have his middle finger removed from his hand due to the swelling and pain it causes him.

Have tried everything I can think of to get me more alert!  Do not drink coffee, but I get caffeine from soda.  Have been consuming it to try to wake up.  Just seems to make me empty my bladder.  Am running out of options!

Leave either your saintly wisdom or even better demonic musings!

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