Still starting out with blogging

Writing helps me keep my mind active.  There is only so much mental stimulation to be gotten from the stupid cat we adopted at the end of 2010.  It makes my laugh when it falls off the top of my husband’s recliner as the mailman deposits mail in our mail slot that comes in to the coat closet in the front room of our house.  Always the bright point of my day!  Falling cat.

Trying to develop a method to overcome writer’s block.  Had a plethora of ideas when I thought about getting back into writing, but they went in on ear and didn’t make it back out the other side.  Used to write all the time when I was little.  Don’t know when I lost the spark!

Had more friends and activities when I was younger.  My second cousin, who we were friends long before my grandma told us we were related.  Thankfully neither of us held that against our friendship.  Was in the local church’s youth group.  We all lived in the middle of nowhere USA!  Joined the local 4-H club.  Showed my cow at the county fair and one first prize.  Also competed in public speaking competitions.  Second year of competing won 1st prize at state level.   Girl Scouts took up some of my time until my seventh grade year when the troop was  disbanded, due to lack of interest.

Won several awards in school for my writing.  Because my father dropped out of college due to inability to give public speeches, entered public speaking competitions in high school too!  Won a lot of awards.   So obviously I used to be able to write effectively.

Have always been a typist.  Started typing on my mom’s old manual typewriter.  Miss that machine.  In high school, we were required to take a semester of typing.  They had electric typewriters.  I missed the old machine.  I used the knowledge I learned in that class to teach an older coworker how to type with out looking at his hands continuously.  I was kind a mean, took the keyboard apart and removed the buttons on the keyboard and told him to type!  When he had finished his daily reports, I taught him how I did it.  Put the keyboard back together.  We had fun doing it to other people.  At least now he knew how to type!  He passed away because he had an allergy to the contrast dye used in a MRI he had to have taken.  I miss him a whole lot.

Due to my case of multiple sclerosis, I have to have MRI’s at least once a year.  Am claustrophobic, so have to be sedated for the test which includes contrast dye.  Have had it many times, so unless they have changed the makeup of the dye, I am not allergic.  Still scares the hell out of me, anyway!

Doubt my case of writer’s block has been cured, but at least I was able to get a post out today.  I will not be able to do one tomorrow due to the scheduled MRI.




2 thoughts on “Still starting out with blogging

  1. Marcus

    You will be in my thoughts tomorrow. I also tend to freak in tight, closed spaces – MRI’s and I don’t get along. Also have to be sedated, so I understand the emotions it can bring. But, you’ve done it before, you’ll do it now. Oh, and one of the best “cures” I’ve found for my writer’s block is to go do something else for a while, and as much is possible, not thinking or dwelling on the block.



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