Why has our right to die with dignity been taken away?

Why has our right to commit suicide when our health starts to deteriorate been removed from our possibilities?  I do not want to drain my family’s financial resources to extend my life.  Hospitals make me nervous and sick.  If I already am confined to a wheelchair (which I am) and cannot do the things I used to do for pleasure, why am I forced to continue taking medicines for survival?  It does not make me feel any better. My grandfather died of so many forms of cancer that even his doctors were amazed he lasted so long.  His suffering was bad enough that my grandma told me not to visit anymore, since he perked up after my visits.  So I moved far away.  Did manage to arrive at his funeral, since I knew he did not want the local VFW involved in it.  Grandpa was a retired Navy sailor.  He taught me more about world history than I ever learned in school.  He had actually lived it!  Why couldn’t he have been allowed to end his life himself like he wanted?  He served his time for our country. Grandma was left with plenty to get her through the end of a long life.  His children had all moved out long ago.  Grandma lasted about a year after he passed away.  She had several cancers of her own, unfortunately.  They are one of the reasons I have never touched a cigarette. I was thinking of committing suicide after we moved from Colorado to Wisconsin.  Had everything set up, then called a friend to say good bye.  She had her husband contact the local police where I lived.  She told me to write a long letter to my husband saying good bye.  I had already planned on doing that.  So said good bye to her and sat down and started writing the hardest letter of my life.  Got up to get the medicines I planned to take, when someone started pounding on the front door.  Was a police officer.  They had me get together a few items to take with me to the mental hospital.  Was there for a couple of the worst days of my life.  The only good that came of that mess was getting in touch with a neurologist to prescribe me with medicines to stop the physical pain from my multiple sclerosis.  Hadn’t had any medicine for about two months, since I finally ran out of my prescription from my neurologist in Colorado. My husband took me back to our house in Wisconsin and basically read me the riot act.  Told him I warned him I was thinking of it, but he apparently hadn’t listened.  He said he didn’t think I’d actually go through with it.  Now I am no longer allowed to keep dangerous supplies in the house. Diseases are the biggest reason to allow people to end their lives while the still can.  I know how to shoot, but my hands are no longer steady enough to do it successfully.  Should have taken care of it while I had the chance.  It’s a little late now. The elderly of today are forced to live out their lives either at home all alone or in a care facility.  They deserve better, in most cases!

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