Neutered cat with Blue balls

We have always adopted cats that had been fixed to help cut down on the large population of unwanted animals.  After our first two cats had passed away, we waited a month before adopting again.  Had gotten rid of most of the old toys because the memories we had of playing with our cats and the toys hurt too much.

After we finally decided to adopt again, we brought home a tiny grey fur ball.  The humane society we got him from had named him Dash.  To help the cat settle in, we did not change his name.  Now I know why they named it Dash.  He dashes everywhere.  One end of the house to the next.

Jason decided to try to get him new toys.  He got a pack of blue ping pong balls.  There is no where to sink it’s claws into on the balls, so the cat really didn’t touch them.  We tried teaching it to just push the balls around, but there is a reason I’ve nick named the cat Dorky Dash.  Dorky is politer than stupid, which I think the animal really is!  So the blue balls ended up being crushed by people stepping on them.  We do not have any blue balls anymore.  Dash prefers toys that make noise.  He has a singing bird, a squeaky squirrel, chirping cricket, and quiet mouse.  He also likes small bouncy balls he can carry in his mouth.

Leave it to my husband to give a case of blue balls to a neutered cat!


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