Opened the windows first time this year!


Not an April’s Fool joke, it is supposed to reach the upper 70’s (Farenheit) here in St. Paul, MN today.  So Jason opened the windows to let the house air out a little before the storm we are expecting tonight hits.  Tomorrow, will be back to the lower 60’s.  Friday, lower 40’s.  The fun of spring weather in this state.
Our cat (named Dash by the huimane society we adopted him from) keeps dashing around the house like someone tried cutting his tail off.  We refer to him as dorky Dash, because he is really darky.  Jason is downstairs playing a game on his Playstation, so he left the door open so Dash could come down if he wanted to.  Cat is too chicken to go down without Jason coaxing him each step of the way.  So I eventually, just closed the door to downstairs.
It is nice to get the fresh air in the house after a long winter.  Winter is my favorite time of year, but the smell from the cat’s litter box needs to be aired out on a  regular basis.
Having a cat helps me stay calmer, even though our cat likes to bite me way too often for my comfort.  Miss my last cat who was my best friend before he had to be put to sleep due to health problems.  He and I spent lots of time playing fetch and soccer.  He was an astounding soccer goalie!  Couldn’t get a ball past him.  When either my husband or I were sick, he and his brother would take turns sleeping with us to make sure we got better.  My last cat would find pills that I had accidently dropped for me.  He would put his paw on it and give me a look that sort of asked if I was blind or something.  He never tried eating the medicine, thankfully!

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